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Rainbow Bubbles

The Midas "Wish" - Manifest success, financial gains, prosperity, clarity, confidence

**Wish: approx. 2.5in H - Tray: approx. 2inx2in**

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Introducing the Midas "Wish" - a stunning, handcrafted creation made with hand selected natural tiger eye, aventurine, citrine, white quartz, amethyst and rainbow fluorite crystals; made with love and intention.

The soft resin crafted, luminescent flowers add an extra sensory touch of beauty to this unique piece.   Crystals are set in the tray, wish, and within the tiny vial sealed inside.


Each crystal in this Midas Wish is carefully hand chosen for its metaphysical properties, making it the perfect tool for manifesting success, financial gains, prosperity, clarity, confidence in your life.  

The prosperous energy of aventurine and citrine (aka the "Merchant's stone"), the confident strength of tiger eye, soothing energy of the amethyst, the cleansing properties of the quartz, and the harmonizing effects of the rainbow fluorite all come together to create a powerful tool for spiritual and emotional manifestation.  Harnessing the properties of its components, this wish is designed to help you manifest success, financial gains, prosperity, clarity, confidence.


Details of this Wish includes an internal vial of hand selected, natural crystals intuitively chosen specifically to charge your manifestations.  The crystal blend is set in the tray, wish, and sealed in the mini vial inside.

Glowing orbs are suspended throughout.

For an extra sensory touch, it also features luminescent, soft gummy resin accents.

Make your Wish come alive by charging it with sunlight or a UV light and watch as it glows!


** Please Note: this set is not intended for young children or anyone who may attempt to eat any part of the set **


All Cotton Candy Oracle handcrafted resin pieces are one of a kind. What you see listed is the exact piece you will receive. New listings may be recreations or new creations. Get yours before it's gone...

NEW The Midas "Wish" - Tiger Eye, Citrine, Aventurine - Glow Shaker - Handcraft

  • The wish bag and display are crafted from UV resin.  The flower decor is crafted from soft/gummy UV resin.  
    The wish potion is not for consumption.

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