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Rainbow Bubbles

This handcrafted Sweet Hearts Tray STIMM set is an especially sweet, special treat of a set. 

Great as decor or for desks.


The Sweet Hearts stimm tray makes for an excellent sensory and fidget/stimm set for *most ages.  An assortment of tiny chunky hearts in a "candy bowl", complete with a heart shaped mini dish and a beautiful tray to keep it all in one place.


Did we mention that it GLOWs?


Additional Features:

  • Chunky mini hearts, matching heart dish, and one double heart "lollipop" (please do not eat!)
  • This set GLOWs in the dark (charge with UV light)
  • Versatile & Functional - Stimm away!  Sort, count, shuffle, pour, etc


Please Note: this set is not intended for babies or anyone who may attempt to eat any part of the set


Sweet Hearts Glowing STIMM set - Handcrafted

  • This set is handcrafted from epoxy resin in small, custom batches.

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