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Rainbow Bubbles

Dimensions: 2.3in x 4.5in (1.2in depth)

NOTE: This listing is for 1 (one) item


Our NEW Rose Quartz Glitz & Glow Bottom Smudge & Ash Tray is a beautiful and unique piece crafted with hand selected natural crystals set in a pink epoxy resin ashtray.  The bottom of this piece glitters and GLOWS - charge it up with UV light for a bright glow.


Perfect for ritual use, smudge tray, cigars, or blunts, this piece is a great way to bring calm, positive, loving, creative, intuitive energy into your activities and spaces.


NEW - Rose Quartz, Glitz & Glow Bottom Smudge/Ash Tray

Expected to Ship within 5 Business Days
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