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Rainbow Bubbles

Dimensions: 2.58in x 1.69in deep


These Natural Amethyst, Quartz, and Rose Quartz mini Jars are beautiful and unique pieces crafted with all natural crystals set in 2 bespoke epoxy resin mini jars.


These pieces are perfect to store other crystals, trinkets, jewelry, or any daily essential that would have increased benefits by being infused with natural crystal and orgone energy.


Amethyst: spiritual healing, calmness, wisdom, peace, protection

Quartz: master healing, enhanced mental clarity, enhances/amplifies other crystals

Rose Quartz: universal love, self love, peace, relationship restoration


Perfect for ritual use, bathroom storage, cosmetic storage, or trinket storage, these pieces are a great way to bring peace, wisdom, clarity and love into your space.


Natural Amethyst, Quartz & Rose Quartz Resin Mini Jars

Expected to Ship within 5 Business Days
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