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Rainbow Bubbles

ALL Runoff & Oneoff Clearance items are sold AS IS.

ALL Clearance item sales are FINAL.


Runoff & Oneoff items are epoxy resin test pour crafts (test run for a new mold) and over pour crafts (made using leftover resin from other projects) and blooper pours (crafts with significant imperfections from the intended design).  Perfect for rounding out your cart to hit the Free Shipping minimum.


This gorgeous sparkling blue tealight sized trinket jar is an overpour craft made with leftover resin from another dish and iridescent acrylic crystals.


There are no imperfections, but only one was made (these jars are usually made in pairs of 2).


Don't forget: Free Shipping on orders over $30!




Blue Tealight Size Jar - Handcrafted

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