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Rainbow Bubbles

This magical set contains six dice total; two sets of three dice each that can be used individually for a quick daily reading, or all together for a more comprehensive reading.


Includes instruction booklet with symbol meanings, suggested throws, and everything you need to get started!


🌙 moon goddess dice set: three, 1" 8-sided dice. The moon goddess dice set contains one die with numerology, one die with moon phases, and one die with tarot and the elements.


🔮 fortunes foretold dice set : three .75" 12-sided dice. The fortunes foretold dice set contains one die with planetary symbols, one die with zodiac signs, and one die with the houses.


✨details: - Dice are made of resin and glitter - Each set of three comes in its own lavender satin bag - Both sets are inside a white satin bag - Accordion fold insert with instructions included


~ Goddess Provisions

Divination Dice by Goddess Provisions

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