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Rainbow Bubbles

This handcrafted Dino Egg set with a Crystal Ice, LED Tealight, and matching Tray is a perfect gift for big kids at heart living in their Dino days.


It makes for an excellent sensory and fidget item for *most ages. 

The tealight provides calming vibes, the dino/asteroid crystal mix is both decorative and fun to play with, and the Tray provides a space to keep it all in one place.


Plus, the Dino Egg itself makes a satisfying sound when the two empty halves are gently rubbed together, making it a desirable item for those seeking tactile stimulation.


The LED tealight is included....


Additional Features:

  • Multi colored dinos, asteroids, and crystal mix
  • Egg and Dinos GLOW in the dark (charge with UV light)
  • Handpainted tray bottom - the textured black finish on the tray's underside to match the asteroid crystals


Please Note: this set is not intended for babies or anyone who may attempt to eat any part of the set


Dino Egg w Mini Dinos & Asteroids, LED Tealight, and matching Tray - Handcrafted

  • This set is handcrafted from epoxy resin in small, custom batches.

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