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Rainbow Bubbles

💫 empower your sacred rituals with crystal-infused water.


Crystal-infused water transfers the vibration of your crystals into water allowing alignment with intentions from the inside out.


Each bottle includes an organza bag filled with a mixture of rose quartz (the stone of unconditional love) and clear quartz (known as the master healer) crystals.


Add the clear & rose quartz crystal bundle to the bottom chamber & pour purified H20 into the top.


Drink it, douse your plants, cleanse spiritual tools, or add to a bath to absorb its healing energy.


💎 each bottle includes an organza bag filled with rose & clear quartz crystals.


Bottle capacity: 7 oz.

Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Plastic-free, Recyclable, and Recycled

• Product Materials: Reusable and Vegan


~ Goddess Provisions

Crystal Ritual Water Bottle by Goddess Provisions

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