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Rainbow Bubbles

This handcrafted Cosmic Egg set with a Crystal Ice, LED Tealight, and matching Tray is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a touch of magic.


It is an excellent sensory and fidget item, with the tealight providing calming vibes, the Crystal Ice being both decorative and fun to play with, and the Tray providing a space to keep it all in one place.

Plus, the Cosmic Egg itself makes a satisfying sound when the two empty halves are gently rubbed together, making it a desirable item for those seeking tactile stimulation.


The color-changing LED tealight is included.  If you look closely, you'll see that the Crystal Ice has coordinating cosmic holographic glitter.


Please Note: this set is not intended for babies or anyone who may attempt to eat any part of the set


Cosmic Egg w Crystal Ice, LED Tealight, and matching Tray - Handcrafted

Expected to Ship within 5 - 7 Business Days
  • This set is handcrafted from epoxy resin in small, custom batches.

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